The wellness of all members of the Knox community is of vital importance to us. To that end, we have established services to help students remain healthy and to aid them in the event of illness or injury.


The purpose of this website is to inform Knox College students and their families  about student insurance programs and what to do when health services are required. 




All Knox College full time degree seeking students are automatically enrolled in an accident insurance policy that provides specified medical benefits in the event a Knox College full time student is accidentally injured either on or off campus. An annual $90.00 fee (prorated fee is $60 for students beginning in the winter term or $50 for students beginning in the spring term) is assessed to all full time degree seeking students for this coverage. The accident insurance policy covers medical expenses due to a covered accident with no deductible.  No policy benefits are available to pay for medical tests or care due to sickness or illness or any pre-existing conditions. The accident policy benefits are subject to limitations and exclusions and may not pay for 100% of all medical expenses. Students are responsible for paying medical expenses not covered by insurance.

To view a summary of the accident insurance policy benefits, terms and limitations, Click Here


Knox College is pleased to announce an alliance with FrontierMEDEX, a leading provider of Travel Assistance services and Medical Evacuation services for eligible college students.  All Knox College full time, degree seeking domestic and international students are eligible to access the services provided by FrontierMEDEX.

For more detailed information regarding the FrontierMEDEX program, CLICK HERE.




Knox College does not require enrolled students to maintain or purchase a health insurance plan.  However, Knox College strongly advises students to have comprehensive health insurance while in college.  While basic health care is available through the Health Services Center on campus, additional medical expenses including prescriptions, x-rays, lab tests, chronic or extended medical conditions, emergency medical care and hospital visits are the financial responsibility of the individual student.

Knox College does not endorse any particular health insurance plan option. Students may want to check to determine if they can be added to their parent's insurance policy.

For more info regarding various health insurance options, students can review the website www.ehealthinsurance.com



In past years, Knox College offered students a low cost health insurance supplemental plan that provided students with health insurance coverage for treatment of illnesses and other medical conditions.  However, due to recent changes in health care laws, that plan is no longer available.

Although the College does not administer or provide comprehensive health insurance for students, some options may be available to students. Domestic students many remain on family health insurance plans until age 26. Students may also secure individual health insurance coverage from various insurance companies.

Students interested in purchasing a health insurance plan many contact and enroll with various insurance companies directly by phone or on-line.  Knox College does not endorse or sponsor any particular health insurance company plan option.  However, for information regarding possible health insurance coverage options, click on www.ehealthinsurance.com