Knox College strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for all students. However, accidents and illnesses are sometimes unavoidable. The purpose of this website is to inform Knox College students what to do when injured or ill and what insurance programs are available to help pay for some of the medical treatment expenses that may be required.  


IN THE EVENT OF A MAJOR, LIFE THREATENING INJURY OR ILLNESS, you or a companion should dial 911 to dispatch emergency medical personnel or an ambulance for transportation to the nearest medical facility.  If your injury or illness does not appear to be life threatening, you can contact the Knox College on-campus Student Health Center for basic advice and services.  For more information regarding location, services and hours of operation of the on-campus Student Health and Counseling Center CLICK HERE




All Knox College full time degree seeking students are automatically enrolled in an accident insurance policy that provides specified medical benefits if accidentally injured either on or off campus.  An annual $99.00 fee  is assessed to all full time degree seeking students for this coverage. (The fee is prorated to $66.00 for students beginning classes in the winter term or $55.00 for students that begin attending classes in the spring term).  The accident insurance policy covers medical expenses due to a covered accidental injuries.  No policy benefits are available to pay for medical tests, treatment or care due to sickness or illnesses or any pre-existing medical conditions. The accident policy may not pay for 100% of all medical expenses. Students are responsible for paying medical expenses not covered by insurance. To view a summary of the accident insurance policy benefits, terms and limitations, CLICK HERE.



Knox College does not require domestic or international students to maintain or purchase a health insurance plan. Students are responsible for paying their own medical expenses due to  illnesses or other medical conditions that are not due to an accidental injury.  Knox College strongly advises students to have health insurance coverage to help students pay for these unexpected expenses.   Basic health care is available through the the College Health Services Center on campus.  However, additional medical expenses such as surgery fees, hospital charges, prescription drugs, x-rays, lab tests, emergency medical care and hospital visits are the financial responsibility of each individual student. Students should check to determine if they can be added to their parent's insurance policy. 


For more information regarding various individual health insurance options CLICK HERE