Knox College is pleased to announce an alliance with United Health Care Global, formerly FrontierMEDEX, a leading provider of Travel Assistance services and Medical Evacuation services for eligible college students.  All Knox College full time, degree seeking domestic and international students are eligible to access the services provided by UHC Global.

The following information summarizes the benefits and services for Knox College students that are available from UHC Global.


Travel Assistance Services (services available when traveling)

·        Pre-Travel information

·        Emergency Travel Arrangements

·        Transfer of Funds in case of need

·        Assistance in the Replacement of Lost or Stolen Travel Documents

·        Legal Referrals

·        Emergency Translation Services

·        Message Transmittals

·        Emergency Pet Housing and/or Pet Return


Medical Assistance Services

·        Worldwide Medical and Dental Referrals to qualified medical providers

·        Monitoring of Medical Treatment

·        Facilitation of Hospital Payment in foreign countries

·        Transfer of Insurance Information to Medical Providers

·        Coordination of Medication, Vaccine and Blood Transfers

·        Assistance in the Replacement of Corrective Lenses and Medical Devices

·        Dispatch of Doctors and Specialists when deemed necessary

·        Medical Records Transfer

·        Continuous Updates to Family, Organization, and Home Physician

·        Hotel Arrangements for Convalescence


Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Services

  1. Emergency Medical Evacuation of a covered student; (see website for details).
  2. Transportation of family member to Join a Hospitalized covered student
  3. Return of Dependent Children of incapacitated covered student
  4. Transportation After Stabilization of covered student
  5. Repatriation of Mortal Remains in the event of death of a covered student


Security and Political Evacuation Services (when deemed necessary by UHC Global)

·        Security Evacuations in the event of eminent danger

·        Political Evacuations in the event of eminent danger

·        Transportation After Security or Political Evacuation

·        Other Evacuation Services as determined necessary on a case by case basis





UHC Global does not pay for medical treatment expenses or for bills from doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers.   The UHC Global program is not intended to replace a student’s medical insurance policy.  The UHC Global services are primarily available to provide Knox College students access to information and assist students when situations arise requiring advice and coordination of needed services, emergency evacuations, related approved evacuation expenses and other specified services.


Visit the UHC Global website at to access the online Member Center travel tools and to obtain more information regarding the services available to Knox College students.


Creating a UHC Global Member Center On-Line Account


1.      Visit

2.      Click on “Create User.”

3.      Under UHC Global ID# enter 354291 

4.      Create a unique username and password and click the box accept the User Agreement.

5.  Complete your Account Information: User Name, Password, Email, Security Question and Answer and then Click "Next".

6.  Complete your user Information: First and Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Phone number.  Then Click "Finish'.



Be sure to retain your username and password for future Member Center access.



After you have created a new user account and login and you will see a section entitled ID card.  You can print out this section and save it for your records.


Information and assistance from UHC Global is available by phone, 24/7.

To reach a UHC Global customer service representative by toll free phone in North America dial 800-527-0218 or Worldwide dial 'collect' 1-410-453-6330.  Tell the service representative that you are a Knox College student and desire information about the services providedto Knox College students by UHC Global student assistance plan and provide the ID # 354291.